PACE Institute of Management

PACE Custom Programs / In-house Training Programs provide tailored training for local and foreign-owned companies in public and private sectors to build a more effective workforce. PACE programs aim to improve competence in the modern working environment by enhancing the capacity and dedication of each employee and the efficiency of the company’s inter-departmental cooperation and coordination. These training programs are customized to meet the specific needs of the corporate clients who seek our services.


Why are there many people who are specialized competent in their major but not successful as a manager?

It is usually said that “Good followers make great leaders”, but why there is the case that sufficient “good followers” can’t make it the great leader?

The above are just two among many questions arose in regards of the competency of the “middle management”, which are bothering leaders and middle managers of many businesses.

The answers for those questions lie in the “Management for Middle Managers” (in short: MMM) training program, provided by PACE.

This program is designed for those who are middle managers (functional directors such as Business Director, Marketing Director, Sales Directors, Administration Directors, Human Resources Directors, Finance Directors, Production Directors, Technical Directors, IT Directors, Project Directors…; Head/Deputy Heads of departments), or those who have a desire to be middle managers and are preparing themselves with management skills to embrace the future position.

The program objectives are to address the following questions: What is the competency of a “middle manager” (MM)?; Which qualities need to be enhanced and practiced to become a good MM? On becoming a good MM, what to learn, how to learn and how to experience? Why the Big Boss always have to embrace tons of tasks but not delegate to the middle managers?...

The competency of a MM includes both “specialized competency” and “management competency”.

For instance, a great Finance Director is not only excellent in financial expertise but also good at managing his team and all the accounting financial system of the company; a great Production Director does no only have a deep understanding about technical issues and manufacturing technology but also have the capability to well manage the workshop/plants and the factory’s workers and technical labors  …

Most of MM are promoted from those who are skillful in their specialized major. So how is the “management competency” of an MM to be equipped?

The first and foremost important skills among “Management competency” is “people management skills.” However, to become a great MM, knowing how to manage people is just the “necessary conditions.” So, what are the “sufficient conditions?”

“Sufficient conditions” for a great MM include:

  • Know the job and understand “the worries” of the Big Boss; understand the company’s strategy and know how to build the division’s strategy; understand the corporate culture and know how to build up the department culture; understand the management system of the company and know how to build up the management system of the department;

  • Know how to “connect” between Big Boss and the department’s employees; know how to communicate effectively the ideas of Big Boss with employees; know how to implement successfully ever assignments from Big Boss; Know how to “take care” of the department’s employees on behalf of Big Boss;

  • Know how to recruit and employ staff; Know how to assign and delegate to the team; know how to enhance the cooperation between the department’s staff and between the department and other departments; now how to handle the department’s internal problems based on the overall understanding of the whole company (not only for the sake of the department solely);…

Building up a “model” to improve the management skills for middle managers is the result of PACE’s best efforts over the past decade. And the copyright of this “model” has been registered by PACE under the name of “PACE’s MMM Model”.

CRITICAL THINKING & PROBLEM SOLVING SKILLS 16/04/2018 Monday - Wednesday - Friday
PRESENTATION & MEETING SKILLS 07/05/2018 Monday - Wednesday - Friday
EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION SKILLS 27/03/2018 Tuesday - Thursday - Saturday
EFFECTIVE ASSIGNMENT & DELEGATION SKILLS 03/04/2018 Tuesday - Thursday - Saturday
TEAMWORK SPIRIT 22/04/2018 Sunday
MMM - MANAGEMENT FOR MIDDLE MANAGERS 07/05/2018 Monday - Wednesday - Friday
MMM - MANAGEMENT FOR MIDDLE MANAGERS 17/04/2018 Tuesday - Thursday - Saturday
MOTIVATION SKILLS 01/04/2018 Sunday
INTERVIEWING SKILLS 08/05/2018 Tuesday - Thursday - Saturday
SUCCESSFUL NEGOTIATION 21/04/2018 Saturday - Sunday
FINANCIAL STATEMENTS ANALYSIS 12/06/2018 Tuesday - Thursday - Saturday
CUSTOMER CARE AND CUSTOMER SERVICE 17/04/2018 Tuesday - Thursday - Saturday
EFFECTIVE TRAINING & COACHING SKILLS 26/03/2018 Monday - Wednesday - Friday
PROFESSIONAL SELLING SKILLS 31/03/2018 Saturday - Sunday
TAXATION KNOWLEDGE FOR LEADERS 17/07/2018 Tuesday - Thursday - Saturday
MANAGING PEOPLE 11/04/2018 Monday-Wednesday-Friday
CPO - CHIEF PRODUCTION OFFICER 27/03/2018 Tuesday - Thursday
SALES SUPERVISOR 31/03/2018 Saturday - Sunday
ACCOUNTING FOR LEADERS 17/04/2018 Tuesday - Thursday - Saturday
FINANCE FOR LEADERS 19/06/2018 Tuesday - Thursday - Saturday
CCO - CHIEF CUSTOMER OFFICER 31/03/2018 Saturday
CFO - CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER 26/03/2018 Monday - Wednesday - Friday
CHRO - CHIEF HUMAN RESOURCES OFFICER 24/04/2018 Tuesday - Thursday
CEO - CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER 09/04/2018 Monday - Wednesday - Friday
CORPORATE CULTURE 02/04/2018 Monday - Wednesday - Friday