PACE Institute of Management

PACE Custom Programs / In-house Training Programs provide tailored training for local and foreign-owned companies in public and private sectors to build a more effective workforce. PACE programs aim to improve competence in the modern working environment by enhancing the capacity and dedication of each employee and the efficiency of the company’s inter-departmental cooperation and coordination. These training programs are customized to meet the specific needs of the corporate clients who seek our services.


What should be done to bring everyone in your organization on board to drive people’s performance and achievement for the common goals and ideals of your organization?

It is one of the common questions that leaders and managers usually pose for themselves. The answer lies in the culture, specifically their corporate culture. So, what is culture? What is corporate culture? How can corporate culture be built effectively? How can he culture development process be assessed?                                          

Corporate culture drives the performance and productivity of businesses.  This program will provide you with understanding and knowledge of creating, building core ideologies for your businesses.  This includes forming visions and missions of business leaders, defining core values and thereby building up core beliefs – motives for employees to be proud of their company, for them to whole-heartedly and enthusiastically devote their abilities to their company.

In addition, this program will help you to obtain understanding of ideologies, values and beliefs which in turn form the “soul,” “culture,” “characteristics” of a business, employees’ behaviors/habitual reactions, ways of thinking and acting of the teams.

Corporate culture seems to be a vague, intangible and difficult subject, but can be presented in a simple and familiar way, thereby making it easy for everyone to understand.

The program offers flexible schedules-day or evening classes.

For more information about the program, please contact PACE Enrollment Department at (84-8) 3837 0208 or visit

CRITICAL THINKING & PROBLEM SOLVING SKILLS 15/05/2017 Monday - Wednesday - Friday
EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION SKILLS 17/04/2017 Monday - Wednesday - Friday
PRESENTATION & MEETING SKILLS 10/05/2017 Monday - Wednesday - Friday
EFFECTIVE ASSIGNMENT & DELEGATION SKILLS 03/04/2017 Monday - Wednesday - Friday
TEAMWORK SPIRIT 16/04/2017 Sunday
MOTIVATION SKILLS 26/04/2017 Wednesday - Friday
SUCCESSFUL NEGOTIATION 22/05/2017 Monday - Wednesday - Friday
MMM - MANAGEMENT FOR MIDDLE MANAGERS 09/05/2017 Tuesday - Thursday - Saturday
INTERVIEWING SKILLS 20/04/2017 Tuesday - Thursday - Saturday
MMM - MANAGEMENT FOR MIDDLE MANAGERS 15/04/2017 Saturday - Sunday
CUSTOMER CARE AND CUSTOMER SERVICE 12/04/2017 Monday - Wednesday - Friday
EFFECTIVE TRAINING & COACHING SKILLS 29/05/2017 Monday - Wednesday - Friday
FINANCIAL STATEMENTS ANALYST 20/06/2017 Tuesday - Thursday - Saturday
PROFESSIONAL SELLING SKILLS 19/04/2017 Monday - Wednesday - Friday
CORPORATE CULTURE 08/05/2017 Monday - Wednesday - Friday
TAXATION KNOWLEDGE FOR LEADERS 10/07/2017 Monday - Wednesday - Friday
MANAGING PEOPLE 03/04/2017 Monday - Wednesday - Friday
ACCOUNTING FOR LEADERS 08/05/2017 Monday - Wednesday - Friday