PACE Institute of Management

PACE Custom Programs / In-house Training Programs provide tailored training for local and foreign-owned companies in public and private sectors to build a more effective workforce. PACE programs aim to improve competence in the modern working environment by enhancing the capacity and dedication of each employee and the efficiency of the company’s inter-departmental cooperation and coordination. These training programs are customized to meet the specific needs of the corporate clients who seek our services.


Although businesses in Vietnam has continued to grow and expand, its national financial activities, as well as its financial management ability, still has much to improve when compared to the robust management systems worldwide.  PACE understands that for businesses to succeed, the role of the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is undeniably important, even for small businesses.  Even if an enterprise with a strong development strategy is doing well, not having a competent CFO to implement an effective financial management system may expose the business to many risks.  PACE is subsequently offering the special training program for CFOs in Vietnam to enhance their ability to perform and close the skills and knowledge gap with other countries worldwide.  

The portrait of the current CFO has evolved over the years.  What made a CFO successful from the last decade may not translate to a successful CFO of today.  After emerging from a national economic model based on the “close the door” policy, Vietnam has quickly integrated into the world economy with the development of businesses in various sectors and industries.  Today, as Vietnam has set aside many business barriers, the country is learning to compete with the world, including competing in financial management ability.  A CFO, thus, must not only be able to compete with local businesses in the country, but also business in the international market to ensure the company’s success.

With this background of the current state of finance in Vietnam and the potential that it holds, PACE researched, designed and composed this special training program with the desire to contribute to a common objective to prepare and equip the new generation of CFOs in the business community, who have the desire to build their financial management capacity to help their companies compete on the global market.

Moreover, PACE believes that a CFO is not only a position a product of an assignment decision but also a career a product of a methodical and systematic training and practicing process.  PACE’s training program will, thus, provide you with the fundamental and updated knowledge needed by a professional CFO that will leverage your career experience and enable you to become a professional CFO.

PACE trainers are Vietnamese and foreign experts who have in-depth knowledge and profound experience in finance and accounting.  They are also committed professionals with a passion to bridge the financial management gap between Vietnamese executives and their global counterparts.

The CFO program offers a flexible schedule-day or evening classes, thereby accommodating busy executives with challenging time constraints to complete the program in four months, six months or a year.

For more information about the CFO training program, please contact the PACE Enrollment Department at (84-8) 3837 0208.

PRESENTATION & MEETING SKILLS 01/07/2017 Sarturday - Sunday
EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION SKILLS 03/07/2017 Monday - Wednesday - Friday
EFFECTIVE ASSIGNMENT & DELEGATION SKILLS 18/07/2017 Tuesday - Thursday - Saturday
MMM - MANAGEMENT FOR MIDDLE MANAGERS 15/09/2017 Friday - Saturday - Sunday
TEAMWORK SPIRIT 23/07/2017 Sunday
MOTIVATION SKILLS 06/08/2017 Sunday
SUCCESSFUL NEGOTIATION 05/08/2017 Saturday - Sunday
INTERVIEWING SKILLS 26/07/2017 Monday - Wednesday - Friday
INTERVIEWING SKILLS 29/07/2017 Saturday-Sunday
CUSTOMER CARE AND CUSTOMER SERVICE 27/06/2017 Tuesday - Thursday - Saturday
MMM - MANAGEMENT FOR MIDDLE MANAGERS 17/07/2017 Monday - Wednesday - Friday
FINANCIAL STATEMENTS ANALYST 27/06/2017 Tuesday - Thursday - Saturday
EFFECTIVE TRAINING & COACHING SKILLS 22/08/2017 Tuesday - Thursday
TAXATION KNOWLEDGE FOR LEADERS 12/07/2017 Monday - Wednesday - Friday
CORPORATE CULTURE 15/07/2017 Sarturday - Sunday
PROFESSIONAL SELLING SKILLS 15/07/2017 Sarturday - Sunday
ACCOUNTING FOR LEADERS 01/08/2017 Tuesday - Thursday - Saturday