PACE Institute of Management

PACE Custom Programs / In-house Training Programs provide tailored training for local and foreign-owned companies in public and private sectors to build a more effective workforce. PACE programs aim to improve competence in the modern working environment by enhancing the capacity and dedication of each employee and the efficiency of the company’s inter-departmental cooperation and coordination. These training programs are customized to meet the specific needs of the corporate clients who seek our services.


The Chief Production Officer (CPO) training program is one of the core training programs offered by PACE.  This program aims to build and develop a professional production and plant management force for the business community in Vietnam.

Not long ago, one of the leading multi-national corporations (MNCs) in Europe visited Vietnam to outsource some of its production and manufacturing stages to local companies.  They knew that companies in Vietnam had similar production lines and hoped that the cost of goods (COGs) sold in Vietnam would be lower than those in Europe.  However, after extensive discussions, it was discovered that the COGs with the same production line in Vietnam was nearly half more than the COGs in Europe and the United States.  Thus, the question arose of why there were two different COGs even though the production line created the same material in Vietnam, and with even cheaper labor cost.  The answer lies in the company’s ability to manage productions and its ability to integrate and utilize technology effectively. 

Nowadays, whether it is a small, medium or large factory, production management uses technology to help production managers and directors save time in learning and managing all activities in the factory.  In addition, technology also saves costs in the production line, which helps the company achieve optimal productivity with competitive COGs.  Understanding the production management landscape, PACE’s CPO program provides knowledge on advanced and effective production management technology from leading MNCs to increase the productivity of businesses.  The program consists of the following content: (1) On Becoming a Professional Marketing; (2) Management System of Manufactory / Plant; (3) Manufacturing Planning and Strategy; (4) Production Management and Quality Control System; (5) Modern Production Management Models; (6) Managing and Controlling Manufacturing Costs; (7) Logistics Management Technology; (8) Labor Safety and Environment Protection; and (9) Managing People and Developing Team in Manufacturing.

Trainers of the program include seasoned experts in production and manufacturing management who have in-depth knowledge of the latest trends in production management in Vietnam and abroad.  Through the training program, these dedicated trainers aspire to bring Vietnamese production to a higher level, and contribute to the effective and efficient production and manufacturing for businesses in Vietnam.

For more information about the CPO program, please contact the PACE Enrolment Department at
+84 (28) 3837.0208

CRITICAL THINKING & PROBLEM SOLVING SKILLS 16/04/2018 Monday - Wednesday - Friday
PRESENTATION & MEETING SKILLS 07/05/2018 Monday - Wednesday - Friday
EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION SKILLS 27/03/2018 Tuesday - Thursday - Saturday
EFFECTIVE ASSIGNMENT & DELEGATION SKILLS 03/04/2018 Tuesday - Thursday - Saturday
TEAMWORK SPIRIT 22/04/2018 Sunday
MMM - MANAGEMENT FOR MIDDLE MANAGERS 17/04/2018 Tuesday - Thursday - Saturday
MMM - MANAGEMENT FOR MIDDLE MANAGERS 07/05/2018 Monday - Wednesday - Friday
MOTIVATION SKILLS 01/04/2018 Sunday
INTERVIEWING SKILLS 08/05/2018 Tuesday - Thursday - Saturday
SUCCESSFUL NEGOTIATION 21/04/2018 Saturday - Sunday
FINANCIAL STATEMENTS ANALYSIS 12/06/2018 Tuesday - Thursday - Saturday
CUSTOMER CARE AND CUSTOMER SERVICE 17/04/2018 Tuesday - Thursday - Saturday
EFFECTIVE TRAINING & COACHING SKILLS 26/03/2018 Monday - Wednesday - Friday
PROFESSIONAL SELLING SKILLS 31/03/2018 Saturday - Sunday
TAXATION KNOWLEDGE FOR LEADERS 17/07/2018 Tuesday - Thursday - Saturday
MANAGING PEOPLE 11/04/2018 Monday-Wednesday-Friday
CPO - CHIEF PRODUCTION OFFICER 27/03/2018 Tuesday - Thursday
SALES SUPERVISOR 31/03/2018 Saturday - Sunday
ACCOUNTING FOR LEADERS 17/04/2018 Tuesday - Thursday - Saturday
FINANCE FOR LEADERS 19/06/2018 Tuesday - Thursday - Saturday
CCO - CHIEF CUSTOMER OFFICER 31/03/2018 Saturday
CFO - CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER 26/03/2018 Monday - Wednesday - Friday
CHRO - CHIEF HUMAN RESOURCES OFFICER 24/04/2018 Tuesday - Thursday
CEO - CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER 09/04/2018 Monday - Wednesday - Friday
CORPORATE CULTURE 02/04/2018 Monday - Wednesday - Friday