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PACE & SHRM Seminar "HR Professional with Global Standards" - on Bloomberg BNA
PACE & SHRM Seminar "HR Professional with Global Standards" - on Bloomberg BNA

Human resource managers should learn some foreign phrases, use public transit and take in local landmarks when they travel for work, efforts that help to bridge cultural differences as companies... Xem chi tiết

Nobel winner says : ‘Follow Singapore'
Close co-operation between government, companies and educators is necessary to develop a national talent strategy... Xem chi tiết
Vietnam should use overseas Vietnamese: expert
Professor Dave Ulrich from Michigan University told an international seminar in Ho Chi Minh City yesterday that to become more competitive,... Xem chi tiết
“Today’s Economic Situation in Vietnam and Abroad” Seminar
The PACE Institute of Leadership and Management (PACE) hosted the “Today’s Economic Situation in Vietnam and Abroad” Seminar at the Rex Hotel on July17, 2011, which was chaired and presented by Dr. Le Dang Doanh Xem chi tiết
“The First Time Manager in Asia” – The book for bosses
Despite what the title indicates, this book is not only for people who are in charge of leading for the first time Xem chi tiết
The “Management for Middle Managers (MMM)” Program has been updated
The Management for Middle Managers (MMM) Program, one of PACE’s most unique programs was significantly updated. Xem chi tiết
Local business training center finds success
Local professional education center PACE is attracting crowds of businesspeople looking to build up their skills in business administration while, at the same time, helping Vietnam tap into its potential human resources. Xem chi tiết
Popularising reading culture by one-book project
Around 200 businessmen, artists and young people attended the opening ceremony of a project to bring books to disadvantaged regions, which aims to encourage the reading culture in Vietnam. Xem chi tiết
Vietnamese education program calls for book donations
The website, which was established to promote reading and education in Vietnam, is appealing for book donations to assist people in the nation’s underdeveloped areas. Xem chi tiết
Discussing about the project “Training ten thousand skilled farmers for the Mekong Delta”
Based on the General Declaration of MDEC An Giang 2009 with the focus “Developing the Mekong Delta manpower in the integration period”, PACE Institute of Directors submitted the project “Training ten thousand skilled farmers for the Mekong Delta” to Southwest... Xem chi tiết
Built to Last: Successful Habits of Visionary Companies
Built to Last became an instant business classic. This audio abridgement is read by the authors, who alternate chapters. Collins is a bit breathlessly enthusiastic, but clear and interesting; Porras, unfortunately, is poorly inflected and wooden. They set out to... Xem chi tiết
CPO Forum "Rethinking Human Resource Strategy"
On 12 September 2010, Ms Hoa Nguyen, the Senior Manager in charge of Mercer surveys and HR consulting at Talentnet Corporation will be a speaker at the CPO Forum 2010 “Rethinking HR strategy” organized by PACE at Duxton Hotel – 63 Nguyen Hue, District 1, HCMC. Xem chi tiết
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       The program brought me a lot of benefits. I understand more about how to be a professional CEO even though after completing the program, I think I have not been a good one yet.

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Talk&Think: a not-for-profit knowledge sharing seminar jointly founded and co-operated by PACE, (, Institute of Potential Leaders (IPL). It is held every third Thursday of the month and made available at no participation fee for attendees.  The purpose is to revitalize and promote people’s knowledge and cultural values to contribute to the education and business development in Vietnam, thereby strengthening the foundation for a sustainable and ethical business community.

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Good to Great

Built to Last, the defining management study of the nineties, showed how great companies triumph over time...Xem tiếp »