ATD Master Trainer™ Program

Starting Date
Live Online
62.710.200 VND
(2.646 USD)
Discounted Fee
61.430.400 VND
(2.592 USD)
  • Orientation session: Sep 06th, 2022

  • First-lesson date: Sep 19th, 2022



  • Part 1: Week 1-3: Online via ATD's Leading System 
  • Part 2: Week 4: Live Online in 6 sessions (each session from 18:30 to 21:30) on October 10, 12, 14, 17, 19 and 21, 2022 
  • Part 3: Week 5-6: Online via ATD's Learning System 
  • Part 4: Week 7-8: Online via ATD's Learning System 
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- The discounted fee will be available to registrations and payments received on or before 07 days

Program's message

Elevate your skills through this experiential and blended assessment-based program. Grow your knowledge, prove your skill, and challenge yourself. Become an ATD Master Trainer

ATD (formerly ASTD) is the world’s largest association for talent development. PACE is the authoried partner of ATD to deliver ATD Master Trainer program in Vietnam.

The role of the trainer has evolved to include building consultative partnerships, demonstrating facilitation skills dependent on learner dynamics, and reporting on business metrics to validate the effectiveness of the learning solution.

Aligned to the Talent Development Capability Model, this renowned program covers the entire process of training delivery including purpose and assessment, decision making, planning and preparation, presentation and facilitation, performance and evaluation, and business metrics and reporting.

You’ll be a part of an online cohort and work with your facilitator to lift the conversation about training delivery to the master level, showcasing your ability to adapt to learner needs. Identify where you excel and where you have opportunities for growth. Benefit from a structured and collaborative learning experience and the opportunity to assess your knowledge and skills through discussion, practice, and skills demonstrations.

Program's information


  • Experienced professionals in Learning & Development (L&D) and Talent Development (TD) aspire to become excellent corporate trainers.
  • Those who are corporate trainers, and university lecturers in business management aspire to become excellent corporate trainers.


Prospective participants must be satisfying at least one of the following requirements:

  • Have at least 03 years of experience in Learning & Development (L&D) or Talent Development (TD); or have at least 03 years of experience in training business (in the field of business management).
  • Have good English ability to attend the training program entirely in English (no interpreter or translator).


  • Demonstrate the ATD essential skills in delivering training, including preparation, creating a positive learning climate, facilitating learning, managing challenges, and evaluating learning.
  • Diagnose your current ability in delivering training with the ATD Master Trainer self-assessment tool, the Learning Prioritization Inventory.
  • Select questions to use when conducting a needs assessment to determine the need for training.
  • Apply adult learning principles and cognitive learning theory.
  • Describe various models of instructional design (ID).
  • Convey measurable outcome-based learning objectives.
  • Plan and prepare for conducting a consultative needs analysis conversation.
  • Identify best practices for maintaining and enforcing organizational standards.
  • Create a culturally aware and inclusive learning environment.
  • Apply relevant solutions to overcome challenges in the classroom.
  • Describe the purpose of coaching.
  • Evaluate training to align to business outcomes.
  • Apply decision-making models to a scenario.
  • Prepare for a training session by sequencing facilitation.
  • Select methods to address learner motivation.
  • Define types of delivery media, including facilitating virtual training.
  • Identify best practices in learning technology.
  • Recall copyright guidelines for use of creative work.
  • Create stories, examples, and analogies to connect with participant needs.
  • Identify best practices in co-facilitation.
  • Facilitate learning using effective questioning techniques and feedback methods.
  • Identify assessment techniques to ensure learning outcomes.
  • Explain the facilitator’s role in evaluating training to align to business outcomes.
  • Analyze and evaluate training delivery skills through a detailed assessment review.



ATD Master Trainer includes 4 parts for 8 weeks:


Earn the ATD Master Trainer digital badge and designation after successfully completing all course work and earning a passing your skills assessment and your final learning project.

Program's content

Introduction Introduction to Mastery
• Learning Prioritization Inventory: Activity
• Skills Assessment Topic Selection: Assignment
Week 1

Purpose and Assessment

  • Conducting a Needs Assessment
  • Cultural Awareness
  • Learning Sciences
  • Principles of Adult Learning: Activity
  • Instructional Design Principles
  • Learning Objectives
  • Write Your Learning Objectives: Assignment
Week 2

Decision Making

  • Consultative Partnerships
  • Framing Your Needs Assessment Findings: Activity
  • Decision-Making Models
  • Consulting Activity
  • Compliance and Ethics
  • Evaluating Impact
Week 3

Planning & Preparation

  • The Four Dimensions of Training
  • Self-Assessment: Activity
  • Sequencing of Content
  • ROPES Outline: Assignment
  • Instructional Methods
  • Learning Methods and KSAs: Activity
  • Put It to Practice: Activity
  • Delivery Media
  • Best Practices in Global Delivery
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Emerging Technology Case Studies: Activity
  • Copyright
  • The Power of Storytelling
  • Cultural Awareness and Inclusion
  • Effective Co-Facilitation
  • Co-Facilitation Best Practices and Lessons Learned: Activity
Week 4

Presentation & Facilitation

  • Facilitating Discussions and Maintaining Engagement
  • Focused Feedback
  • Feedback Models
  • Skills Practice: Creating a Positive Learning Environment: Activity
  • Overcoming Challenges of the Profession
  • Overcoming Challenging Behaviors: Activity
  • Peer-to-Peer Coaching
  • Skills Practice: Activity
  • Skills Assessment: Assignment
Week 5

Performance & Evaluation

  • Assessment Techniques
  • Linking Exercises to Learning Objectives and Performance: Activity
  • Evaluating Learning
  • Training Evaluation Levels: Activity
  • The Facilitator’s Role in Evaluating Learning: Activity
  • Self-Assessment Re-Evaluation: Activity
  • Coaching and Mentoring
Week 6 Metrics & Reporting
  • Business Results
  • Change Management
  • Change Blocker Activity
  • Performance Support
  • Future Readiness and Lifelong Learning
  • Memo to Yourself Activity
Week 7 & 8

Final Learning Project

  • Business Results
  • Change Management
  • Change Blocker Activity
  • Performance Support
  • Future Readiness and Lifelong Learning
  • Memo to Yourself Activity


Opening courses

Starting Date: 10/10/2022 (in HCMC)
Live Online
Starting Date: 08/11/2022 (in Live Online)

Training program

Interviewing Skills
Starting Date: 09/10/2022 (in HCMC)

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