Effective Assignment & Delegation Skills

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Program's message

According to management experts, matching the right person to the right position is important. Effective matching accounts for 50% of the success of a business; the remaining 50% depends on the methods and effectiveness of the delegation process. On the other hand, if we fail in choosing the right person for the right job, 99% of failure can be foreseen with potential damages.

Ultimately, how do you match the right person with the right task in the optimal manner? How can assigned individuals be encouraged to strive toward achieving your business goals?

The answers lay in your effective assignment and delegation skills which every leader and manager is required to master whether they manage several employees or thousands.

Program's information


  • Top-level executives, including business owners, board directors/members and other high-ranking executives
  • Functional directors, managers, chiefs/heads and deputy heads of departments
  • Business executives wishing to enhance their training, coaching, and mentoring skills


After successfully completing this program, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the fundamentals of planning work assignments and optimize resource organization resources toward achieving your business goals
  • Comprehensively understand the importance and benefits of task assignment and delegation
  • Thoroughly understand the tools, methodologies and techniques needed to effectively assign and delegate assignments, responsibilities and authorities
  • Execute the assignment process adequately and correctly
  • Effectively relate and apply assignment and delegation methods in the modern business environment

Program's content

Part I: Foundational knowledge

  • Manager’s roles in goal achievement
  • Principles of delegation and assignment in a business environment
  • Analyze factors influencing task completion

Part II:  Effectiveassignment and delegation

  • Important principles in task assignment
  • Process of effective task assignment
  • Task assignment methodologies
  • How to know if an employee is capable of completing the assigned task?
  • How to motivate staff to continuously strive for completing the task targets
  • Establish tools for assignment and delegation
  • Reality and mistakes to avoid

Part III: Successful delegation

  • Importance of task delegation to leaders and managers
  • Nature of task delegation and failures in a business environment
  • Process of effective task delegation
  • Select delegated tasks and mistakes
  • Criteria in choosing the delegated
  • Execute delegation and delegation models/best practices
  • Control and evaluate results in delegation

Part IV: Connect and implement methodologies of task assignment and delegation effectively

  • Facts of assignment and delegation in a business environment
  • Techniques in linking and implementing methodologies of task assignment and delegation effectively

Part V: Program Completion

Opening courses

Starting Date: 10/10/2022 (in HCMC)
Starting Date: 31/10/2022 (in HCMC)
Starting Date: 05/11/2022 (in HCMC)

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