Modern Supply Chain Management

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Program's message

The world is gradually moving into the era of 4.0 technology, but many businesses still use the outdated classical management methods and contain many conflicts that reduce the effectiveness of organizations such as: bad inventory forecasting, unusual purchasing surplus goods, lack of data and information in decision making, inaccurate demand forecasts, inadequate production, etc.

Understanding these difficulties of businesses, the PACE School of Supply Chain Management (a member of PACE Institute of Management) has designed a program called "Modern Supply Chain Management" to help businesses improve their competitiveness, balancing the supply and demand, building linkages across departments, making decisions based on accurate information and data.

Program's information

After successfully completing this program, participants will be able to:

  • Enhance new management thinking according to supply chain principles;
  • Apply modern management techniques, models, and technologies to corporate governance;
  • Have enough information and database to make decision;
  • Use tools, techniques and methods to apply in the actual operations of the business;
  • Standardize management systems and processes according to international standards.

Program's content

Part I: Introduction to Supply Chain Management

  1. Introduction to supply chain management;
  2. Modern supply chain perspective.

Part II: Demand forecasting and demand management techniques

  1. Demand management process;
  2. Independent and dependent needs;
  3. Principle of forecasting;
  4. Forecasting techniques.

Part III: S&OP (Sales & Operation Planning)

  1. The purpose and scope of the master plan;
  2. S&OP and production strategy;
  3. S&OP and production plan;
  4. Introduction to methods of production: ETO, MTO, ATO, MTS.

Part IV: The raw material requirement plan

  1. Material planning objectives (MRP);
  2. Types of product structure (BOM);
  3. Environment for planning material requirements.

Part V: Inventory management

  1. Inventory introduction;
  2. Types of inventory and purpose;
  3. Inventory planning;
  4. Calculate inventory turnover;
  5. Calculate the time of order;
  6. Calculate the order quantity;
  7. Introduction to RFID technology in warehouse management.

Part VI: Supplier Relationship Management

  1. Procurement;
  2. Strategic and tactical purchases;
  3. Supplier relationship management.


Opening courses

Starting Date: 12/11/2022 (in HCMC)
Starting Date: 06/11/2022 (in HCMC)
Live Online
Starting Date: 28/09/2022 (in Live Online)

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