PACE Institute of Management

To contribute to shaping a new business society in Vietnam by developing leadership capacity,
professional capability and ethical standards for individuals, organizations and community.

Starting date 16/07/2019 - Starting date: Tuesday - Thursday

Although businesses in Vietnam has continued to grow and expand, its national financial activities, as well as its financial management ability, still has much to improve when compared to the robust management systems worldwide. PACE understands that for businesses to succeed, the role of the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is undeniably important, even for small businesses. Even if an enterprise with a strong development strategy is doing well, not having a competent CFO to implement an effective financial management system may expose the business to many risks. PACE is subsequently offering the special training program for CFOs in Vietnam to enhance their ability to perform and close the skills and knowledge gap with other countries worldwide.

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Starting date 09/09/2019 - Starting date: Monday - Wednesday - Friday

Understanding corporate finance for corporate leaders and managers is essential for leading successful businesses.  Unlike other business professionals who have spent several years to master their knowledge of finance, managers often spend just a few weeks to learn financial principles through refresher or supplementary courses.

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Starting date 31/07/2019 - Starting date: Monday - Wednesday - Friday

These days, corporate leaders and managers must understand modern accounting practices to effectively manage their businesses.  Since leaders and managers often use accounting merely as a business tool, they do not need the level of expertise required by professionals who have spent up to eight years studying and mastering modern accounting practices.

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Starting date 29/07/2019 - Starting date: Monday - Wednesday - Friday

Tax is both an expense and a legal compliance for all enterprises and organizations in Vietnam. Any Director or leader of a company must understand how to find ways to save and comply with tax codes and laws. Although navigating through the complex tax system is a responsibility of the Director or CEO, most do not have a trained professional knowledge on tax and accounting.

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Starting date 03/08/2019 - Starting date: Saturday - Sunday

Financial statements are important tools that are used to inform business leaders in their decision-making.  Individuals in positions such as Accountants, Chief Accountants, Chief Financial Officers, and Chief Executive Officers as Investors, often use and extract data from financial statements to help them improve production performance.  However, not everyone is trained to understand how to extract information from the financial statements to advise their supervisors or to make rational investment decisions.

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PACE Custom Programs / In-house Training Programs provide tailored training for local and foreign-owned companies in public and private sectors to build a more effective workforce. PACE programs aim to improve competence in the modern working environment by enhancing the capacity and dedication of each employee and the efficiency of the company’s inter-departmental cooperation and coordination. These training programs are customized to meet the specific needs of the corporate clients who seek our services.