On December 15, 2019 in Ho Chi Minh City, PACE Institute of Management organized a Graduation Ceremony for more than 1,000 graduates who successfully completed Programs for C-suites.


This Graduation Ceremony is not only an event to award Graduation Certificates to participants who have successfully completed PACE’s Programs for C-suites, but also an annual academic forum for all leaders and managers to share on the topic of "Shaping management trend with global standard", in order to develop sustainably in today's unpredictable business environment.


With the core value "Believing in Authentic Learning", the mission of PACE Institute of Management is to “be a trusted partner of companies in Vietnam for developing high-performance people, teams & organizations to achieve sustained superior results".

A learning of an employee, first of all, matches to the personal benefit of that individual, but it must also benefit the whole corporation. And the learning of leaders is more meaningful because it will not only change themselves, but also contributing to changing a "society" behind them which is the company they are managing.

The fast-paced growth of digital age along with breakthrough technological achievements has been having significant impacts on the way we work, live and communicate. "Believing in Authentic Learning" is like the compass to standardize business management in the digital age. Because once we have the vision, authentic learning, and great capability, we will know how to turn challenges into breakthrough opportunities.

According to Mr. Gian Tu Trung - Founder of PACE Institute of Management, we live in an era of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity. We should have a different mindset in order to live, work and lead successfully in a digital age. In businesses, we need to redefine the management in the digital age, especially in 8 keys specialization in the field of management: General Management, Human Resources Management, Financial Management, Marketing Management, Sales Management, Production Management, Supply Chain Management, and Project Management. Leaders have to upgrade their competency to meet international standards.

This special Graduation Ceremony was reported on HTV9. 

The Graduation Ceremony was organized by PACE Institute of Management is a memorable milestone for more than 1,000 leaders and managers who successfully completed Programs for C-suites. It marks the end of a great learning journey at PACE and open a new path for more success in business.

The news of PACE's Graduation Ceremony 2019 is broadcasted on FBNC